Ashburton Computer Associates Limited



ACA ‘Helping Hand’ Telephone Support for Windows Systems


This service enables the customer to call us during business hours for any problem with their system and to receive assistance over the phone. This is on a ‘no blame basis’. That is: it does not matter who or what caused the problem - whether the operator forgot how to recover from a backup, or cannot load the paper in the printer - just give us a call. This service offers immediate help at a reasonable price.

Helping Hand is available for Software and Hardware Items, which include: 

  • Computer Unit *
  • Microsoft Office
  • Microsoft PowerPoint for Windows
  • Microsoft Word for Windows
  • Microsoft Excel for Windows
  • Microsoft Works for Windows
  • Microsoft Publisher for Windows


*Computer Unit may include any or all of the following: Computer Processor, Keyboard, Screen, Fixed Disk, Floppy Disk, Mouse, CD-ROM, Scanner, Modem, Windows, Printer.


Casual telephone support and Onsite support is also available for more information please contact us.