Ashburton Computer Associates Limited


About Ashburton Computer Associates Limited (ACA)


Ashburton Computer Associates Limited is a limited liability company formed in 1981.

The company was formed in Ashburton as a result of the principal wishing to live in the Canterbury region having previously been living and working in Christchurch and Auckland.  Ashburton is just 80 kilometres (one hour) south of Christchurch and is the centre of the Mid-Canterbury farming region.  More details about the Ashburton district may be found here.

The company is primarily a software development company, but is also a Value Added Reseller for many computer products including IBM, Insite, and Hewlett Packard and is therefore able to provide the "total solution" including configuration and installation of networks.  It also sells standard Windows software and other computer components.

ACA offers telephone and on-site support to its clients throughout the country covering the computers, network and systems software such as Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office as well as application software.

ACA develops custom solutions for clients of a varied nature throughout the country with a specific emphasis on solutions for Finance Companies and Insurance Brokers.  The finance software products produced are known as modules of "Finesse Finance" and are developed using Jade.  The Insurance Broker software products produced are known as modules of "Finesse" and are developed using Jade.

Ashburton Computer Associates Limited currently has three staff, including software developers and specialist support staff.  We are also part of the wider 'Jolly Good Software' team, providing Business Improvement through the use of Information Technology.

The company is committed to providing quality products and service to all its users throughout the country.

For more information on the services provided by Ashburton Computer Associates Limited please contact us