Ashburton Computer Associates Limited




To thrive and excell in today's business environment, you have to be able to focus on your core business. 

All kinds of distractions can slow your company down, and you may end up losing your competitive edge.

Our professional computer service allows you to focus and remain on top!

Computer making strange noises or you just don't think it is working the way it should?  Don't leave it too long bring it in for ACA to check and report on.

We also provided full onsite and remote business network support.  Installing servers, repairing or replacing workstation computers, ACA will keep your business computer hardware running. 

We also provide customised business software to give your business that much needed competitive edge.  We can analyse your business processes and provide the software that fits your business rather than your having to change your business to fit the software.

You can also use your CRT card with us.